Thinking about adding Decorative Concrete to your home?

Thinking about adding Decorative Concrete to your home?

Hire FM Maintenance and Remodeling for all your decorative concrete needs

Whether your basement needs durable flooring or your garage needs a face-lift from the ground up, decorative concrete is a modern option that can spruce up any room in your home as well as any area around your home. Call FM Maintenance and Remodeling to discuss the many different decorative concrete options for your home.

Decorative concrete for anywhere in and around your home

There is no end as to where decorative concrete can appear in or around your home. From Graniflex around your pool or deck to Tuscan slate for a patio - decorative concrete is appearing in all of the updated modern homes. Call us today to discuss the different decorative concrete remodeling or new home options.

The following concrete options are available:

  • Metallic Marble
  • Rustic Concrete Wood
  • Graniflex
  • Tuscan Slate
  • Grand Flagstone
  • Protector ( Epoxy) Flake
  • Venetian Stone Texture